I must posess it!

I just know that you are all as excited as I am that Zombieland is out on DVD today. I also know that your probably not reading this post because you are currently standing in line panting heavily and making the cashier at Walmart very uncomfortable. (Stop undressing her or him with your eyes perv.)

I’ll be buying my copy today as I loved this movie. You want to know why I loved this movie so much, because unlike most zombie movies this one just has a more upbeat feel to it. You don’t get hit over the head emotionally by the zombpocalypse. You don’t have scenes where someone has to put zombie grandma down and they are all broken up about it.

The zombies are nothing more than monsters and you never think of them as any thing else. it breaks the zombie movie formula. Look I’ve seen about a million zombie movies hears how they usually go.

Oh crap the zombies are coming and everyone is going to die….. Aaaah! Dang it I just had to shoot the zombie version of everyone I hold dear…. Noooooooo! (Insert nervous breakdown) Oh good I’m safe, but wait I’m trapped with a bunch of losers with emotional problems. We all hate each other, and our acting skills are subpar. (Unknown actresses usually go topless at this point for no reason)

Oh Noooeessss! Our own internal conflicts and undeniable stupidity has caused us to make poor life decisions and to get ourselves killed….. Sadness.

Zombies feast on our remains.

While Zombieland sure does have some of these elements, the ending is nothing like your typical zombie movie ending. This would be the equivalent of a zombie “Feel good” movie.