Zombie Tattoo

Say hello to MINIMUM Wage!!! Yes, I make poor life choices.

I’m not against tattoos…. I am, however, against butt ugly tattoos.

It’s just my opinion and feel free to disagree with me that people should get the approval of a panel of designers and other “Sober” people before being allowed to permanently scar their bodies for life.  No good comes of a decision made after a weekend of heavy drinking.  I’ve seen some tattoos that are pretty awesome…. these are not them.

Thanks to Citizen #1 Ladybell for the link.  However, I am scarred for life though and I blame you.

Marvel at the horrible things people do to their bodies at Ugliest Tattoos.

I liked the zombie tattoos (In theory), but be warned if you click that link you will see tattoos so terrible and poorly thought out it will melt your brain.


zombie tattoo

Ankles, zombies don't need ankles!

zombie pikachu tattoo

Pikachu I choose you... to scar me for life.