Zombie products are on their way.  As part of my new years resolution of attaining global dominance I’m finally working on getting my act together and making more zombie products for the store…. Which will get updated in the next few days.  But I thought I would show you all some of our in progress items as I’m having a good time making them.

In addition to drawing zombies I really like to sculpt and make stuff… All kinds of weird stuff.  What you see here are a bunch of things I sculpted and cast in resin.  I’ll be painting these up soon, but I wanted to show an in progress shot of my weird zombie products.

zombie products 1 resin zombie pendants

These are leather shoggoth bracelets with resin eyeballs that we’re making.  If you’ve been reading the comic for the past little while you’ll know that not only am I fanatical about the living dead, but tentacles are a close second on my list of things that turn my crank….. Is that a phrase these days?  I’m old I can use it.

Again these bracelets and the other zombie products will be available on my store shortly and I plan to start blogging about all the in progress weird zombie stuff I’ve been making lately.

When I get overcome by paint fumes and lose too many brain cells… You’ll know about it.  🙂

zombie products 2 Shoggoth Leather Bracelets