Zombie Nibble – Jesse Rhodes  What do you do when the smok’n hot girl you have convinced to date you gets turned into a zombie?  Do you give up?… Hell no!

Attractive women willing to give you the time of day is a rare find for nerdy guys, you can’t let a silly thing like the zombie apocalypse separate you too.  I like the story behind “Zombie Nibble” and I salute the dedication Bob brings to the relationship despite overwhelming adversity.   Sadly at the end you give in and decide you join your beloved in her zombie state, but she was a pretty cute zombie so we’ll forgive you.

Also I think at this point I have to acknowledge that I may have a slightly unhealthy fascination with zombie love stories.  Weird elements of a doomed romance, global tragedy,  and a dash of comedy to make it all more palatable are oddly compelling for me.  I can’t help it.

About this awesome zombie video

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This is a zombie love story. After their first kiss, Kaylee is bitten and is now a zombie. Bob, still human, is trying to date Kaylee.
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