I got sent a link to Zombie Murder Explosion Die! Episode 1 from the creators themselves. I have to say I like this so far. I’m a sucker for animation though, and decent flash animation is hard to find. Now you add the zombie apocalypse subject matter liberally spiced with lovable archetypes and I’m sold.

Caution before you click, this episode is kinda sweary, you have been warned.

A Tangent from Zombiecarter:

I don’t know why I always feel compelled to warn people of language, gore, etc.. In the privacy of my own car and subject to drunken road rage I swear like a sailor with Teretts Syndrome.

(Sigh) Look, it’s a courtesy, I acknowledge that not everyone is as bitter and jaded as I am and I try to keep my little zombie webcomic rated PG13…. Also I found out my Mom reads the comic! The horror! Does that make me feel a tad bit self conscious? You bet your ass it does.

I refuse to self-edit though. I don’t even like using the backspace button. (It’s covered in filthy germs anyway)