Zombie Game concept art

Here’s a fun bit of news I swear I’ve heard before, but probably forgot about it due to massive head trauma and binge drinking. Undead Labs is partnering up with Microsoft to bring an open world zombie survival game to the XBOX 360.

Does this mean it’ll be one of the long rumored and no show MMO games for the console?

I don’t have a clue, because it’s midnight right now and I’m sleepy…. or possibly drunk… or both.

Here’s a quote from their site.

This is the mother of all zombie outbreaks, the F5 on the Fujita scale, the 10 according to Richter. The end is here, now. Standing against the tide are the survivors, one of whom you choose to control in a 3rd-person action game like no other. Your only quest is one of survival, you define the mission by how you define the word. Many will band together and work to improve their lives by building a society, utilizing skills and training from their former lives to rebuild infrastructure and order. Some will go it alone, preferring to scratch out their own safe harbor. All will have to face the rising tide of the undead, the perfect foe, a relentless enemy. All will fight.

Anyway check out their link if your curious.