Zombie Jerky! Eat them before they eat you!

So are you sick and tired of being chased by the relentless undead hordes, only to be run down and devoured screaming? Wanna turn the tables? Hells yes!

Now you can buy yourself some tasty Zombie Jerky and fulfill your life’s goals of devouring the flesh of the living dead. Yummy!

You know that really was a gross word picture I painted their for you.

I feel bad, let me try to fix that for you……

Try not to think about the fact that at one point that zombie your eating was probably someone’s grandma…….. Feel better?!….

Then my work here is done. (I am a terrible person.)

Blue zombie jerky, yummy!

Hey that zombie meat is blue! Well in the original Dawn of the Dead the zombies were kinda blue, but not “THAT” blue. Are we sure that this isn’t zombie smurf meat? That would explain the small portions.