Zombie Hunter Sketch

My Sketch of a zombie hunter for future episodes of the webcomic. He’s a borderline sociopath who’s more than happy about the zombie apocalypse (I swear he is NOT autobiographical!)

With the coming zombie apocalypse finally Serial Killers become a productive member of society. In fact, I submit to you that serial killers will be some of the most helpful citizens when the whole world goes to crap.

Your going to need their cold calculating disregard for life and the well being of others to make the tough decisions when Grandma comes after you and tries to eat your liver. Face it, your going to be too busy crying like my five year old daughter at that point.

That’s when Billy “Crazy Man” McGee steps up and blows Zombie Granny away for you…. You’re Welcome, ya’ big baby. πŸ™‚

Now if you somehow manage to defeat the zombie threat….. Then you may want to consider getting rid of them then