Zombie Head JewelryDid you forget Mother’s day? Man, you suck!!!

Well now is the chance to make up for horribly disappointing your mother by buying her jewelry… Not just any jewelry, but ZOMBIE jewelry. Think about how badass mom’s going to look when she plays bridge with her friends and around her neck is a shrunken rotting corpse head!.

Oh I tell you friends, she will love you, and if you play your cards right she will cut your loser siblings out of the will and you will get it all my friends.

Zombie Jewelry collection

Joking aside I think these are awesome. I do a lot of miniature sculpting for fun and I can really admire the skill it takes to make stuff like this. The fact that it’s jewelry made to look like disgusting zombies just makes it better to me.

silver zombie necklace

I like this one the most, hey my anniversaries coming up maybe I should get this one for my wife. I’m sure she would love me forever if I did. (Maybe even in that slappy I need to stock up on jellow pudding kind of way… wink wink)

You can find these creations and many more here at www.zombie-head.com/