Zombie Haikus There is something great about taking a horrific subject like the relentless undead and turning it into moderately amusing poetry. I loves it.

I’ve seen zombie haiku books come out and of course I blatantly stole these from Fear.net for your own amusement. I should start a page with my own zombie haiku just for fun. (I bet those sparkly vampires don’t get this level of poetry, there just going to have to be satisfied with desperate fan slash fiction… gross)

These were some of the better ones in my opinion.

Starving zombie kids
We should have a telethon
Send more superstars
– Austin T.

door is breaking down
guess this is my last goodbye
please update my blog.
– Rebekah B.

“Those… THINGS are outside!”
“Quickly! Into the cellar!”
“NO! That’s a DEATH-TRAP!”
– Gil M.

Bit by a zombie.
I’d like a juicy steak now.
Make it very rare
– Christy F

My leg just fell off.
It sucks being undead, but
it’s great to lose weight.
– Jessica P.

And my personal favorite as I’ve seen too many movies where this was true.

It’s us against them
Even match-up – Sh*t! I’m Black!
Hope I don’t die FIR–
– Naomi M.