I have a really long commute to my day job.  Sometimes when I’m not “accidentally” getting in front of a speeding sports car and “accidentally” applying my brakes I like to make up stuff in my own head to entertain myself.

I find Haiku to be oddly entertaining for some reason.  Please don’t judge these too harshly and if you’ve got some zombie poetry of your own I’d love to hear it.

My nose, it fell off
I can’t smell the sweet decay
It is for the best

Just aim for the head
You shout as you point your gun
That hurts my feelings

My head hurts so bad
Can’t believe that man bit me
I’m sure I’ll be fine

I chase you, you scream
Hey, it’s not my fault lady
Stop tasting so good

Okay I’m not going to win any awards, but that was very cathartic.  I do, however, feel even nerdier than I did before.  I’m cool with that though.