A specially photographed teaser trailer for Ivory Tower Entertainment’s forthcoming film, ZOMBIE GOD SQUAD.

Well, holy crap this guy looks like he’s seen better days, but he sure does look happy for being “The living dead.”

“It was written for Troma almost straight after we had completed Billy The Kid. When it finally gets made you’ll see in the film our homage to Troma in a variety of ways. Our inspiration for Zombie God Squad came from the film Psychomania in which a motorcycle gang discover that they can achieve immortality by the act of suicide just so long as they firmly believe it. In our film, members of the Salvation Army become victims of a murderous motorcycle gang and it is they who achieve immortality and go on a holy clean up mission for God, all with tongue very firmly in cheek you understand.

I think the idea of a “Happy Salvation army Zombie” bent on revenge sounds terrifying.