Could Zombies Live Amongst Us? Well maybe, as long as the zombies weren’t being dicks about it. Watching this video it’s obvious that nobody seams to have a problems with zombies living among us…. as long as they aren’t lunging and screaming. As long as they are being polite it seams most New Yorkers are merely amused by our living impaired brethren.

The only part of this zombie clip I have a problem with is at the end when they flash the “Zombies don’t belong here” text. Dude, not cool. That’s being so racist to zombies.
I think someone needs a little lesson in tolerance.

So Could Zombies live amongst us?

As long as the zombies are well preserved and maintain a low profile their is no reason your neighbor couldn’t be a zombie.  I love the idea that the dead are “living” all around us and we’re all to busy or don’t care enough to notice it.  It would make for a really interesting “B” movie.

I can think of couple movies with that exact premise right off the top of my head.  “Death Becomes her” where the hollywood elite take an elixir that supposedly keeps them young forever, with side effects of course.  Then there’s the cult classic “Dead and Buried” where people keep getting killed in this small town only to reappear as one of it’s citizens.  Both of these movies are awesome and worth your precious eyeball time.

So could zombies live amongst us?  Maybe, maybe your neighbor isn’t a drunk after all maybe he’s merely a zombie shuffling around looking for something to eat.