zombie blood a caffeinated energy potion

Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion is loaded with iron, protein, electrolytes, and other fancy things to have the same nutrients and consistency of real blood. (…gee yummy. Like blood you say… gross) Throw in some lime flavoring and greenness, and you have the recipe for realistic Zombie Blood!

Of course, we did make sure this blood is filtered so you won’t be getting any mutagens or viruses or anything else that might turn you into the walking dead. All you’ll get is energy, great taste, and stares from passers by. Because that’s the best part of enjoying a Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion – the gawking from onlookers. Time to guzzle some Zombie Juice!

Speaking of awesome yet horrifying products, I give you “Zombie Blood, A Caffeinated Energy Potion!”

Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion

* A great (and gross-looking) energy potion – with the same color, nutrients, and consistency of real zombie blood (mutagen and virus free). Well that’s a relief.
* Comes in a resealable, transfusion-style blood bag.
* Delicious tangy-lime flavor.
* Not an actual biohazard.
* Caffeine: 80mg per bag (or just have a can of Mt. Dew at 55mg per can.)
* Energy Blend Includes: Iron, protein, and electrolytes.
* Blood Type: Z (for delicious)!
* Unit Volume: 3.4 fl oz (100ml)

I think this makes a pretty kick ass gag gift to anyone who loves zombies. If, however, your buying “Zombie blood” to drink you are high, as it’s king of pricey.

You can buy a Single bag for $4.99 or get a 4 pack for $15.99 (oh that’s savings)….. Or if your cheap like me you can get a ziplock baggy and a can of Mt. Dew for $0.65
Thanks to Foxtrack for this awesome find.