Zombie bears... I hate you sooo much.

So want to hear a confession of mine?  No!  To bad.

I am terrified of and therefore hate with a fiery hate… bears.

For years I have harbored a irrational fear of those fat furry demonic death machines.

Sure you can say “But, Carter, the chances of you being killed, molested, and slowly devoured by a bear are astronomical!”

Whatever man, I didn’t say it makes sense.  I’ve hated them for years and it’s not going to stop now.  I don’t find them cute or adorable and could care less about their role in the environment…. I hates them soo much.

So the “Undead Nightmare” Downloadable Content for “Red Dead Redemption” that will feature the horrible monstrosity that is zombie bears is either going to scare the ever loving crap out of me…. or be highly cathartic as I spend all my time hunting these damned things down and putting them out of my misery.

Some details on these damn bears.

While the average “RDR” grizzly bear is listed at between 6 feet 5 inches and 8 feet tall, the zombear appears to stand up a bit straighter at between 7 feet 5 inches and 8 feet 5 inches on its hind legs. And while they both have long claws, the uninfected grizzly enjoys hanging out around bodies of water to feed on salmon, unlike the zombear who “feeds on the blood of the living.” Additionally, the zombear is “virtually unstoppable,” so pack some heat if you plan on taking him on.

Oh super these bears are going to be even bigger and meaner than a regular bear… Kinda like grandma after chugging a six pack of Redbull.