Help my friend Tim Marquitz give you want you crave…. what you want…. Ultimately what you need.

I’m a part of this Kickstarter and Tim is an amazing writer. Support his work for some zombie awesomeness.

A humorous zombie novel written by the dark and demented mind behind the Demon Squad!

Join Ashford Dane as his post-apocalyptic existence is thrown into chaos by the sudden arrival of a ZILF!

Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about. If not, look it up. I’ll wait…

Comfortably situated at the end of the world Ash stumbles across a group of soldiers traveling through his neighborhood and meets Vix, the hottest pseudo-corpse since Lily Munster. Lonely, and mostly bored off his ass, Ash invites them to dinner only to have uninvited guests show up for a nibble. A cannibalistic nibble, that is, and these guys like their meat burnt.

Ash’s home and a lifetime of supplies go up in flames and he’s forced to flee with the soldiers. Nowhere else to go he joins their mission: To hunt down the only scientist capable of saving Vix from the horrible infection that threatens to turn her into a full blown zombie.

Things just go downhill from there, hordes of zombies standing between them and their goal. But hey, if they succeed maybe then Ash’ll stand a chance of escaping the dreaded friend zone.

Like the Demon Squad novels, ZILF! will be jam-packed with crazy action, adventure, and excitement, as well as chock full of witty one liners and topical humor (likely requiring some kind of cream) with all the zombie tropes turned on their decayed little heads in fun and interesting ways.

Tim Marquitz does some amazing work. And with 65 hours to go needs a little bit of a push to make this happen. Help a brother out and get cool stuff.