zombies defined poster

Awesome!  I’ve been working on this for some time and now I can finally share.  I’ve made three different posters and put them up on a store.

I’m actually really proud of these things.  Not only did I design them, but I printed them as well at my day job.

Forget paper though, I printed these on 20mil thick polished polyurethane.  It’s whiter than paper and way stronger.  Trust me you cannot rip these posters and they are waterproof.  Paper is for the week, plastic is for the strong! These posters will last forever and look damn good doing it.

I dare you to find a higher quality poster… It’s not going to happen.

Also for a limited time I’ll be offering FREE SHIPPING to all Domesting orders.

Necronomicon brownNecronomicon brown

Anyway if you’re interested check out the store link in the menu or click here.

My store design isn’t the prettiest, but it works so I’m happy.