What do you get when you cross the zombie apocalypse with Madmaxesque Australian dudes… Wyrmwood that’s what. I may have to give them some of my precious money because I just love the idea of using the zombies as a source of fuel.

Kind of a cool idea, it makes the zombies both a hazard and a resource at the same time.

And now a word from these fine upstanding gentlemen who are trying to make the world a better place through zombie media.

About two years ago my brother and I came up with the idea to meld Mad Max with Dawn of the Dead and make the best zombie film ever produced in Australia. Cut to now and we’re about a third of the way through the film and still going strong.

We’ve assembled a cracking cast & crew of disgustingly talented actors, filmmakers & make-up artists who are all working their guts out in order to deliver a piece of ‘Oz-ploitation’ cult cinema that will sit easily next to the likes of Evil Dead, Bad Taste & 28 Days Later …

Head on over to their site here and throw money at them so I can see this movie made.