Army of Frankenstein
Army of Frankenstein

Well I was depressed when I heard the news that “Worst Case Scenerio” was not going to be made. I posted the trailer for it and it looked awesome. On the plus side it looks like the makers are doing kinda a “Prequelesque” movie to it which hopefully will have all the elements that made WCS look so awesome.

We’ll be watching this project eagerly.

Words from the director:
“The market for zombie movies is saturated and no distributor is buying them anymore: chances for financing WCS became very small. Also there are two other nazi-zombie flicks out there and as a result of that ours would look like a rip-off… When it became clear last year that WCS was as good as dead I came up with the idea of a WSC-prequel with al really low-budget of half a million Euro. That project almost came to fruitaton, but I can’t use the name Worst Case Scenario due to some rights-issues. The only way to get it on track was a different story and new title: Army of Frankenstein. This is still a working title but I think it covers the story nicely. The visual style will be the same as I will direct AoF! WCS can stay what is is, two kick-ass trailers and a great and promising story that never saw the light of day. Mabye someday we’ll dig it up, but than the Army of Frankstein will e roaming the Earth! This time we don’t want to rush things, we’re talking with a producer and are still writing the script with Miguel Tejada Flores.”

I dispute his assumption that the market is saturated with zombies… Sorry in my world there just is no such thing as too many zombie movies.