World War Z movie coming soon.

Begin the zombpocalypse!!!

I read this book and have to say it was pretty enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to seeing it made into a movie. Not sure how they’re going to do it considering how the book is almost entirely made of “Flashbacks” but they’ve already got my money so I’m there.

News and Tidbits about where this movie is at:

The good news is that the studio renewed the option. The better news is that it was done “for half the time and twice the money,” Brooks told Fearnet. Paramount is very serious about the project and not interested in throwing away all the work that has already been done.

Brookes continued: “We still got our director, Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace), who’s raring to go. Were all waiting on Matt Carnahan’s new draft, which should come in a month or so. Once that comes in then I think it probably will have to be tweaked and brought to the studio but we’re sort of zeroing in on that moment where Paramount has to say yes or no.”

“World War Z” is about a worldwide infestation of flesh-eating zombies. The book is a detailed tale in which a researcher for the UN Postwar Commission interviews survivors from countries all over the world, 10 years after the crisis, to gather a first-person post-mortem on a war that obliterated every country on the map.