The second day of World Horrorcon is now officially behind me and I couldn’t be more tired…. soooo tired.

Great day though,  I got to meet Mike Mignola whom you may remember from a little comic/movie called “Hellboy”  he was actually a pretty nice guy.  Instead of talking about comics and movies we talked about how our children make us feel old.  I find that incredibly funny.  I’ll admit to being a little flustered and had this terrifying fear of being a booth barnacle while talking to him.  He was very nice though.  I did get to hear him talk about the behind the scenes stuff that happened in the movies he’s worked on.  Amazing stuff and very cool.

I also got to attend a cool panel about special effects where one of the panelists, Mike Knovak (I hope I spelled his name right), has worked on some of George Romero’s movies as well as “The Walking Dead” doing zombie makeup and zombie FX.  That is probably the coolest job anyone could ever have.

You can see a silicone bust of one of these rotting guys below.  Very cool stuff.  Sadly my brain was slowly being crushed by a migraine at this point.  I probably looked like this guy here.

World Horrorcon Zombie