As the title goes it’s been a hell of a day. I’ve been at a Funeral all day today… super. Talked to complete strangers and desperately tried not to make an ass out of myself… more super. I saw my ex-wife… even more…super!

But do you know what really filled me with a white hot rage that only the blood of the innocent could satisfy?

I went to Barnes and Nobles for one hour to buy a gift and they now have a new genre…

Teen Paranormal Romance!!!

Cthulhu damn it! There are enough books out there about teenage girls wanting vampire and werewolf boyfriends that they have a whole bloody section. I immediately called my wife and blamed her.

Stop buying those books, woman!!! You’re killing your husband!

And for the record if I die I’m not coming back as a sissy handsome glittery vampire, oh no! I’m coming back as a shambling stinking zombie with poor oral hygiene and a raging case of the munchies.  And you’ll never be rid of me.  It’s your call.

Put the books down and walk away.

On the plus side seeing that did give me a bunch of ideas for comics on the subject.