Ay up me duck of the Dead from steve best on Vimeo.

Just found this little short film called “Ay Up Me Duck of the Dead” now I’m not British so I can only assume that “Ay Up Me Duck” is British slang for something… After watching this film I’m guessing it’s slang for “Abandoning the only living Female to be devoured by zombies and running away like a cowardly little girly man.” Because that guy ends up doing that a lot. (Dude, what is your problem, when the zompocalypse comes it is your job to protect the females…. or the human race is dead, dummy.)

That’s just a theory though. If your British feel free to tell me I’m dumb and give me the real meaning of that phrase.

Synopsis of this short film, “Ay Up Me Duck of the Dead.”

Waking up in the street after a heavy night on the town, Johnny makes his way to work, unaware that he is alone in the city. Barbara waits for a bus that never appears, deciding to walk to work through deserted streets and dark alleyways.A chance meeting between the two survivors is just the beginning of their worst nightmares.