Wasting Away a zombie comedy

Yes! found a bit more information on “Aaah! Zombies!!” BTW this is a much better poster than that crappy one in the previous post.

The movie premiered at the LA ScreamFest in 2007 (Audience Award winner) under the title “Wasting Away,” It will finally get released under its new title on DVD September 28 by Level 33 Entertainment.

The upcoming zombie comedy “Aaah! Zombies!!” is a new twist on the genre, with the movie taking the point-of-view of four friends — Matthew Davis (The Vampire Diaries, Blue Crush), Julianna Robinson, Betsy Beutler (Scrubs), and Michael Terry (Bones) — as they discover they have been inadvertently turned into zombies due to a toxic waste spill (weren’t the 80’s great?), only they are the only ones who can’t see their zombification.

Colby French (Changeling, Heroes), Joel McCrary, and genre vet Tracey Walter (Trailer Park of Terror, Repo Man) also star in the movie written by newcomers Matthew Kohnen and Sean Kohnen, and directed by Matthew.

Watch the Trailer in my previous post.