Walking Dead Season 2 Picture

She wants me... for my body.

I was casually browsing the intertubes and I found this.  Nice picture of some zombies from the upcoming season 2 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”  This is pretty good for wetting my appetite for some zombie goodness this fall, no pun intended.

That chick has some incredibly huge eyeballs.  Either that or that’s some impressive makeup.  If those are contacts she’s wearing I bet that’s really uncomfortable though.

The Walking Dead Action Figures

Holy crap I want these.

Also from McFarlane Toys comes some super cool zombie action figures from The walking dead.  Wow, I want these….. for collectability… not because I do terrible perverted things to them.  Don’t you judge me.

The Walking Dead Action Figures

Father's day is coming. Kids, buy daddy some toys.

Do you here that kids, daddy needs some zombie toys to make him happy or someone’s going to get a spanking.  (Threats of physical violence are the hallmark of good parenting.)