Foxtrack, turned me on to this musician.

“Voltaire” who does a tonne of really cool music that reminds me a lot of the early days of Oingo Boingo. I’ve been listening to his stuff on Youtube for about an hour now, and have to say… Awesome. Just Awesome.

Blatantly stolen information from Wikipedia:

Voltaire (legal name Aurelio Voltaire Hernández) (born January 25, 1967, in Havana, Cuba[1]), is a Cuban-American musician popular in the goth music scene. His stage name is his given middle name, which he shares with the famous French Enlightenment writer François-Marie Arouet.

Voltaire is also an experienced animation and comic artist, and is a professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York

Some of his stuff I’ve been listening too tonight.
“When You’re Evil, Zombie Prostitute, Land of the Dead and The Headless Waltz” All good stuff, very offbeat, not for everybody I suppose, but I really like it. Thanks Foxtrack.