Universal Dead Episode 2… I’m digging this a lot.

Yeah crazy scientists, betrayal, zombies, stupid humans about to get themselves killed. This is everything you need to have a great zombie flick.


Planet Earth is ravaged by a strange disease that turns people into mindless murderers. As civilization struggles to survive, a small team of US Navy SEALs must protect a doctor from the Center for Disease Control on a mission to evaluate the claims of an erratic scientist who may have discovered the secret to mankind’s salvation. Starring DB Sweeney, Gary Graham and Doug Jones.

Acting is still a bit weak though. If I was that scientist guy and I found out that other guy had been “boinking” my wife, I wouldn’t be so calm about it… I’d have fed him to the zombies…. slowly.

But admittedly I a terrible terrible person. Maybe he’s better than me.

Oh Man!.. Now I want to fight him.  You think your better than me, scientist guy?!!!