Undead Or Alive TrailerFree videos are just a click away

Don’t let this crappy trailer fool you, “Undead or Alive” was actually a pretty good movie. I just watched this on Netflix and I thought I would give you my half @$$ed review. I would use my whole @$$, but what would I sit on?

This movie is a cut above your usual B movie fair and I really enjoyed it. I laughed myself silly through the entire movie. I loved the mixing of genres (Horror/western/comedy). Having zombies in a western is not new, but is still a nice change of pace from your typical zombie apocalypse film…. And this was actually really funny.

Despite having my least favorite comic from Saturday Night Live in it (Chris Kattan) I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was pretty good, there was a sufficient amount of gore to make me happy and did I mention it made me laugh…. a lot.

If you’ve got Netflix, you should still be able to stream this to your monitor. I assure you it is worth your time.