The Zombie Nation Mascots

We crave the taste of HUMAN FLESH!

Attention Stalkers!!!

Your window of opportunity to wear my skin, and by wearing my skin being born again unto a new world is rapidly shrinking.   Hurry Dang it! Hurry!

Here are my new Rottweiler puppies I got for home protection, devouring my neighbors, zombie defence, and maybe… Just maybe…. Love.

These heartless destroyers of everything pure and innocent are now the official mascots of “The Zombie Nation” webcomic.  Will they show up in the webcomic… No.

They will merely defend my studio in the most extremely violent way possible.  All shall know the terror of my furry minions.

The Zombie Nation Mascot

Look at the terrifying evil in my eyes!

This little guy is named Lovecraft after my favorite horror writer of course.

Aaaaah look at his murderous little face.  So addorable and terrifying all at the same time.   What secret madness lurks behind that facade of cuddliness.

The Zombie Nation Mascot

I will Bury You!!! ...With my cuteness.

This ball of repressed rage and animosity is named Grendel after the monster in the story of Beowulf.  Aaaaahhh.

They are the perfect mascots for a zombie webcomic.  Now to train them for evil.  (I wonder if I can attach laser beams to their heads)