Check this out, The Zombie Nation is in Zombies magazine!  And I got a whole page in there too.  Clearly this is a sign that the end times are upon us.  I hope you have your food storage ready.

Seriously though this is pretty awesome and totally unexpected.  I’m having a good day.

the zombie nation comic is in zombies magazine

You know what it just occurred to me that the cast of “The Walking Dead” probably read this magazine.  That means that Norman Reedus will probably read my comics on that page.  (Gasp!) Errr my Gawd! Errr my Gawd! Errr my Gawd!  What if he doesn’t like it?  (Gasp!)  What if he does like it?

He’s so dreamy….. In a totally platonic kind of way of course.  Not in that creepy stalkerish kind of way where you put live celebrities in giant jars in your basement.

…..Don’t judge me.