The Zombie Nation Book 1: Undeath & Taxes is finally available.  (3 second pause for the applause to die down)

I’m more than happy to announce that I finally have a book available  in glorious print form.  It’s taken me a while to compile my comics into a book.  I know I should have done it earlier if it makes you feel better I feel great shame about the matter.  Seriously, great shame.

Regardless my new book “Undeath & Taxes” is finally available from my store.  And because I love you…. yes in that creepy way, I am offering free shipping within the continental United States.  I’d offer it everywhere but I’m on several “Watch Lists” and they charge me extra as a result.  So feel free to purchase a copy and I will always love you.

Don’t forget every purchase goes a long way to proving my in-laws wrong about me.  Aaaaah the power of spite.  It’s a beautiful thing.

The Zombie Nation Book 1: Undeath and Taxes

Book synopsis:

Let’s face it, zombies are coming. You know it and I know it, and when they get here despite all your careful preparations you’re probably going to die. However, That’s when the party starts. Congratulations! You just became a zombie, the most badass killing machine that has ever walked the blasted earth.

Now stop crying!

Being a zombie is as awesome as it is inevitable. Sure you smell, but be honest, personal hygiene was probably not your thing anyway. Your coordination and mental faculties are probably not at their best, but really no worse than a hard night drinking.

On the plus side as a zombie you now have been blessed with an abundance of endurance and a serious lapse in both your moral and ethical hang-ups. This practically ensures that if you don’t get shot in the head that good times are a comin’. Again, Congrats!

So what now?

This glorious and dare I say it “sexy” book is your guide to your new lifestyle as a member of the hungry relentless dead. In it’s pages are the stories of the poor damned souls who have gone before you.

Be wise, newly born Zombie, and don’t do what they did.

The Zombie Nation Books

My books vital stats are:

A glorious color cover at a death defying 8.5″ X 8.5″ (Gasp!)
Exotic Black and White interior (Exotic I say!)
92 pages or side splitting zombie ADVENTURE!

The Zombie Nation Book interior pages