This weekend The Zombie Nation was able to attend the Conduit 2012 Convention in Salt Lake City.

I had a really great time meeting both fans and those I was trying to convert to fandom.  As soon as I perfect mind control I believe this task shall become easier.  Until then I will have to satisfy myself with converting people to The Zombie Nation comic one at a time.  Below you can see my booth setup and some guy taking up space behind it.  Oh wait that’s me!  Dang I’m good look’n.

We did pretty good.  My book came in from shipping two day before the convention started…. Was a tad bit stressed about that.  But it all worked out.

I got my picture taken with some of the convention goers in costume.  The force with these two was strong.

The force was strong with these two

After posing with this guy I was promptly reduced to ashes.

Two seconds later I was reduced to ashes.