Find out how long it takes to DIE!  Yeah!

1 hour and 24 minutes to go!!! See you on the other side!

That is awesome! Click the picture above or the link below to take a short questionair that will tell you, “In a very scientific and totally not made up way,” How long it will take you to turn into a zombie once you are bitten.

I don’t want to brag, but once bitten I have about an hour and twenty-four minutes to keep pummeling zombies before I join them and start wondering what all the fuss was about. Or if your one of those wackos who wants to “Get Busy” before you die, that’s enough time to do it 28 times!

(Oh crap!!!, I’ve revealed too much…. Don’t do the math! Don’t do the math!!!…. Must… maintain… illusion… to perfect strangers…. how awesomely manly I am.)

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