“The World Is Not My Home” is the 5th novel in the e-book series “Rock band fights evil” by the great and powerful D. J. Butler.  For those not in the know D. J. Butler is a Idaho based writer who strides this world like a literary colossus.  Actually this is not that much of an exaggeration as he’s very tall.  I’m a pretty short guy and when I stand next to him it’s apparent that I should have eaten more vegetables growing up.

His books are a super fast paced and a fun read available now for download on Smashwords. and Amazon.

This World Is Not My Home is the fifth installment of Rock Band Fights Evil. A short cut through Mab’s Queendom is sidetracked when Jim is captured, forcing Twitch to confront her own past as well as Infernal pursuit, the Queen’s Rangers and the Queendom’s native monsters. Can the band rescue their lead singer? Can they escape Mab’s wrath? And what are they going to do about Rahab the dragon?

The World Is Not My Home

If that doesn’t make you want to buy this e-book than I submit to you that there is officially no point in life and that we are all doomed to lives of drudgery and despair.

I’m particularly excited about this book as it’s the fifth time D. J. Butler has graciously allowed me to do the cover art for his e-books.  I know your shocked!  I was too.  I had no idea I could draw something other than a zombie, but it’s true.  Doing these illustrations is an incredibly fun change of pace for me.

“The World Is Not My Home” Is available on Smashwords right now.  Also available on  Amazon.

For a mere $2.99 you can download it to your kindle or a similar e-reader.