The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer from Comic-con is out

The Walking Dead trailer shows the cast of AMC’s hit zombie series fighting zombies in the prison and dealing with “The Governor.”  The Governor is a Capitol antagonist in the comic book series created by Robert Kirkman.

It looks like the makeup and special effects are still maintaining the high standard for the series which is pretty awesome. The trailer shows a pretty satisfying level of zombie carnage as well. I always worry these things are going to devolve into boring human interactions with the bare minimum of zombie goodness due to budgetary constraints, but so far The Walking Dead series has kept the boring human stuff too cool zombie stuff ratio to a respectable level.

I’m looking forward to the new season of The Walking Dead. Keep it up, AMC, if you want me to keep buying your episodes.

You know I never could figure out why they thought a prison would make for a really good zombie fortress. Sure if you can clear it out it’s probably pretty secure, but the chances of a prison being filled with very large zombies is pretty high. Large zombies who while alive spent a lot of time exercising and being dangerous. Plus still no food.

For safety sake I’d still prefer to be out in the wilderness away from people as much as possible. And if you can stick a river between me and the zombies all the better. Plus I’m going to bet that air conditioning is going to be a pretty big problem with a prison.