The thing!  Gleeeeeeee!

The thing! Gleeeeeeee!

The prequel film for John Carpenter’s “The Thing” starts filming next month with newcomer actors Joel Edgerton and Elizabeth Winstead. I am a massive fan of “The Thing”, but without Kurt Russel… can this new movie really be as good as the original. I’m not so sure. (I love you, Kurt…. call me)

Alsom I hate prequels. Never-the-less I am modestly optimistic about this. This movie will show us what happened to the poor Norwegian research team in Antarctica after they discovered the ship buried in the ice (Spoilers: Everyone dies!).

Sadly since it’s a prequel I know how it turns out… that kinda sucks. Why couldn’t they make a sequel instead.

Oh well, beggers can’t be choosers. As long as an alien kills a bunch of stupid humans I’ll be happy… I hate you humans soooo much!!!