Necronomicon Cake

The pastry that will raise the dead

Now I know what I want for my birthday and it sure as hell ain’t world peace.  I want a cake made to look like The Necronomicon:  The book of the dead written by the mad arab Abdul Alhazred.

Yes I know it’s not a real book, but an invention of H.P. Lovecraft for his Cthulhu mythos…… I don’t care, I want one.  And I want it in cake form.  Nothing more will satisfy me than a deliciously damned blasted tome of unknowable evil that will drive men to madness and doom….. WITH FROSTING!  GLEEEEEEEEE!

I did make a Necronomicon of my very own and that was fun, but unless I get super hungry I don’t think I’m going to try eating that one.

Awesome find by Fox Ravenwolf. Thanks!