Brief Synopsis of my Webcomic…. Because words are dumb.

You know that cool part of every zombie movie, right when everything is going to crap and the zombies are starting to take over, but before the main characters start doing unbelievably stupid things that will result in everyone’s death..

That’s where “The Zombie Nation” lives…. FOREVER. I always wanted that part of the movie to be longer, and now I can make the eternal struggle of doom and despair seam to last for all eternity, just like your family reunion!!! Except this time no open mouth kissing with grandma… maybe.

Ashley Herbert Lovecraft

Drinking eases the pain!A bitter, pessamistic, Alcohol soaked reprobate, with low moral standards and an itchy trigger finger…. And these are his good qualities.

Newly divorced and forced to live with his younger brother, Lovecraft thought it couldn’t get worse,… then he became a zombie.

(For the record Lovecraft is NOT based on me. While I am a bitter, pessamistic, reprobate, with low moral standards, …I don’t drink AND I would like to think I smell marginally better.

Also I’m completely non violent. I would never hurt anyone, you see… I’m all about the love.)

George “Romey” Lovecraft

Your a zombie.. Why are you so happy?Ash’s younger brother.

Happy and carefree, Romey has led a charmed life. Able to find any silver lining to other peoples dark clouds, Romey falls @$$ backwards into money, women, and good times with the barest amount of effort. (I hate that guy)

Romey, has never had a single thing go wrong… until he became a zombie.

(Romey is definately not based even slightly on me as it has been well established that I make poor life decisions.

….. Why? Why does God hate me sooooo?)

Richard “Dungeon Master” Moon

Not fat, just big boned.Take every bad stereotype you can find about nerds mix in more than a dash of sociopath, and a couple of heaping handfulls of poor hygeine and you’ll have Richard Moon.

The “Great Manipulator” as he sees himself Moon takes a perverse joy in instigating trouble and messing with other people’s lives for his own amusement. Thankfully the universe seam to hate him with a fiery hate and bad things happen to him wherever he goes…. Usually very painfull and funny things.

(I find great joy in writing up new and inventive ways to punish This guy… It makes me giggle.)

Relatively little has changed for Moon since becoming a zombie… Except he probably smells a bit better.

(Again for legal reasons I must point out that none of my characters are based on real litigious people)

Sheila Revenant

She will kill you.Lovecrafts’s EX-Wife…… (Shudder)

Wouldn’t it be great if after your done with somebody in your life they would have the decency to fall off the face of the Earth… Preferably onto something sharp and pointy.

Lovecraft wishes this would happen, because Sheila is one of the most psychotic women on the blasted zombie infested Earth. Neither reality nor numerous restraining orders will stop her from carrying out the will of the many many voices in her crazy head.

Sheila sees being a zombie as a big plus actually, now she can do things to Lovecraft that would have killed a “Normal” person…. Lovecraft is of course less than thrilled by this.

(While not based on people I know,…. I have, shall we say …some experience with dealing with crazy people. Writers say you should try to write what you know. Well I’ve known some crazy people.)

The Necronomicon: Cuddly little book of the dead

Isn't he just the cutest thing. This dark and terrible Grimoire of unspeakable evil was written by the “Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred (Possibly as a bar bet).

The Necronomicon contains the maddening rituals for the resurrection of the dead, spells of unimaginable power to drive mere mortals insane, and a truly kick @$$ recipe for a “Sweet Chili” that will knock your socks off.

It also contains a forbidden account of the “Old Ones”, their history, and the means for summoning them. The knowledge of this book grants the user unlimited power at the cost of his sanity and his soul. (Also I’m pretty sure it has pictures of your ex-girlfriend in it… gross, dude, really gross.)

Carmella Dracull

Stop staring at my cleavage you pervThe on again, off again girlfriend of “Romey.”

In no way, shape, or form does she sparkle in the sunlight…

Why you may ask?

Because that is frick’n retarded. And just for the record she could easily kick Edward Cullin’s effeminate kiester… No Question.

The zombie apocalypse has allowed her to come out into “NORMAL” society, but she’s completely irritated that there are even fewer available men than ever before.

Carmella also has a variety of other “Interesting” friends. Monster and the like.

Cthulhu: Incredibly sleepy Old One

He likes to eat peopleWhen not driving Artists insane and training his pet Shogoths, Cthulhu is constantly hitting the snooze alarm and catching some much needed rest in his swinging bachelor’s pad under the ocean in R’lyeh.

Cthulhu is less than happy about the zombpocalyps. While he’s thrilled with all the death and destruction, he’s found that zombies taste absolutely terrible and give him “Wicked Gas.”

….And when an “Old One” has gas… well lets just say your gonna want to be upwind from that.

Since waking up Cthulhu has been introduced to the wonder and joy that is gourmet coffee and has turned into something of a “Coffee Snob.”

(Cthulhu is the one character in my webcomic who is actually based on someone I know… That person being F’n Cthulhu!!!)