Boomer plush, Left 4 Dead toys

Valve is not content with taking all my money, and my very limited free time, now they are offering me toys to worship their game with. “The Boomer plush” is the first of a range of plushies planned by Valve patterned after the special infected in “Left 4 Dead” and “Left 4 Dead 2.”

Shown above you can clearly see the outlines of The Witch, The Hunter, The Smoker, and our favorite…. The tank.

No word on when we’ll see plush versions of such new favorites as the Charger and the Jockey (I hate that little face humper… play the game you’ll understand what I mean by that.)

The price is pretty high for a plush, but “The Boomer Plush” Features 10 in game sounds so that’s a little better. Plus it will help you desensitize your children to the coming zompocalypse where they will be forced to eak out a grim life for themselves while fighting off hordes of the ravenous dead. YEAH!

Here’s where you can by one, if your so inclined.