Remember when George Romero made scary zombie movies, movies that took themselves seriously.

Well clearly age has rotted his tiny brain, because, Good God, this movie looks like it was crafted by a pack of retarded monkeys who’ve been huffing paint for the better part of their retarded lives. I watched this trailer and all I saw was.

  • Grade school level acting
  • Cheep and boring special effects
  • The most God Awfull idea/plot I have ever seen
  • Jokes that filled me with rage not laughter
  • Insultingly stupid zombie kills. Yeah, the guy whose eyes pop out was the worst.

George Romero’s latest movie reminds me of the very sad day when we as a family finally had to take Grandpa’s keys away from him. He cried, I cried, we all cried. But it was for the best, you see it was time for grandpa to give them up before someone got hurt.

George, it’s time…. Give me the camera, George. Please before you accidentally hurt someone. (sniffle)