Survival of the Dead Review

So after posting George Romero’s interview I decided I needed to check the reviews of this movie over at MetaCritic….

Yeah, …um …they are pretty bad. Currently standing at 43. That ain’t good kids.

Memorable quotes from Metacritic.

From Variety: Leslie Felperin Rated it 50
Steeped in fan-pleasing gore but woefully thin on ideas, originality (beyond new zombie-offing methods) or directorial flair.

The highest Rating:

From Time Out New York: Keith Uhlich Rated it 80
The tone this time out is primarily comic.

The lowest Rating

From New York Post Kyle Smith Rated it 25
I suppose it’s nice that Romero has a hobby, but he couldn’t be more of a bore if he were showing off his pine cone collection.

This does not please me…. I want better zombie movies than this.