Street fighter zombies

These incredible renderings of the Street Fighter Characters as zombies are the work or concept artist/illustrator Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura. He is a stud, and I am totally impressed by his work.

You know being a “Street Fighter” is a dangerous job, and the pay sucks. The worst part is your probably going to get killed doing it. Thankfully the zombpocalypse solves that little problem and ensures you’ll have a long career as a zombie street fighter.

Better pack some superglue though as your likely to have some bits falling off. Zombies do have that problem, but on the plus side, when you get in your ridiculous “Street fights” (For no frick’n reason) you won’t feel any pain, and you won’t get tired.

You’ll just know the soul crushing pain that you’ve wasted your life and you would have been much happier and more fulfilled if you would have staid in school and become an accountant.

Ha ha. Stupid Zombie.