Steampunk Zombies from Steamfest.  I was at Steamfest a few weeks ago where I took commissions to do people’s portraits.  It’s something that I like to do and people get a kick out of watching me draw. Sometimes I even do drawing demonstration panels at the conventions. I was able to do one of those on the first day of Steamfest.

Steampunk conventions are fun because people dress up in costume and then I get to draw them as a Steampunk zombies.  It’s awesome, but at the end of the con I had to tell anyone who wanted to be zombified that I would have to mail their picture to them as I was just out of time.

No problem right?  Sure, if your eight year old daughter doesn’t swipe the notebook that has everyone’s mailing address in them.  I have been frantically looking for this notebook since the con and I finally found it.

The end result is that I finally sent the last of my commisions out and now I can breath a sigh of relief that people aren’t going to kick my butt for not delivering their steampunk zombies.  However, I liked how they turned out so I’m posting them up to show off a bit.

If you would like a zombie portrait of your own, you can just click the store or this link here and I’m happy to help.

steampunk zombie steampunk zombies 2 steampunk zombies 3 steamfest-zombie-4
In case you were wondering all of these zombie commissions are done on toned paper using Prismacolor pencils. I like using Prismacolor vs anything else as they blend better and the don’t really smudge with casual handling. Finally I do the really hot highlights with white sharpie markers. It’s all very archival and will probably outlast your great great grandchildren.