My Steamfest post con wrapup.  I’m sad to see it over.  It was a really good con for The Zombie Nation comic.  We did well.

My wife and I got there Friday and had a great location right outside the dealer’s room in their artist alley.  The foot traffic was amazing.  I think the people throwing the con were surprised by how many people attended the Steamfest convention.  Hell, I was surprised!  I had no idea how popular Steampunk was in Utah.  Let’s put it this way, I saw in a day and a half more corsets and top hats than I had previously seen in my entire life. …and I have sites bookmarked for such things.

Behind the booth we had a great time.  The great and powerful D. J. Butler (Author of the “Rock Band Fights Evil” saga) sat in with my wife and I.  We even got to hang out with Howard Taylor of Schlock Mercenary.  You can see both of us below doing our best to show our scared expressions to the camera.  Howard was pretty awesome.  Every time I talk to the man he tells me something that changes the whole dynamic of how I do my business.  He should write a book on marketing.

Howard Taylor hanging out with me at Steampunk

My only complaint with the con was that I would have loved it to be longer because I was doing so well and the heat….. Holy crap the heat.  With that many bodies and Utah’s naturally oppressive atmosphere it got pretty toasty.  Sadly with my extra thick layer of insulation (Fat) I am built for colder temperatures.  I drank three 64 ounce mugs of Mt. Dew on Friday and only went to the restrooms once.

What?  To much information.  Pfft.  It’s good for you, builds character.

Steamfest artist alley steampunk

Again, I was drawing people as zombies the whole time we were at Steamfest almost without breaks.  In fact I felt bad not being able to go hang out with some of our fans, but we were just so busy.  That’s a good problem to have I suppose though.

Steampunk Zombie sketches

I’m still blown away by how much effort people put into their Steampunk costumes and accessories.  Some of them must have taken an incredible amount of time and money.

Steampunk costumes

Just a final word.  Can’t thank the staff of Steamfest enough for having us.  It was a really great convention, totally impressed me.  I can’t wait to go back next year.