Steamfest 2012 is coming to the Red Lion hotel in Salt Lake City July 27-28 and my steampunk zombies are getting prepared.

Here is a Steampunk illustration of Cthulhu and the Tardis I created for an auction at Steamfest.  This will be available there for your bidding pleasure. I love Steampunk, it’s one of those add on things that makes everything better.  Add Steampunk to something boring like…. sports and now your talking my language.  Zombies are also an awesome add on.  Sports, zombie sports… see where I’m going with this?

So when you get Steampunk and add zombies to it you get the ultimate add on that you can mix with any genre and make it better, Steampunk zombies.  Imagine how much better Twilight would have been if it would have had Steampunk zombies in it instead of sparkly vampires!  Bella would have been ecstatic and would have left that loser Edward at the alter for a steaming and hissing zombie covered in cogs and pistons.

That’s good drama right there.

(Okay look, it’s 1:30 in the morning, I’m tired, and when I’m tired I write silly things….. Usually about Twilight for some weird assed reason.)

Anyway… Back to my point.  Come out to Steamfest this year and see me.  I do get lonely…. so horribly lonely.  If you come out and see me I will happily add you to the list of people I stalk.  We’ll be “Besties” and we’ll braid each other hair and junk.  (Remember I’m tired)

What?  You don’t want to see me outside your window, late at night, slathered in butter with high powered binoculars?!  Prude.

Steamfest Cthulhu