K so these aren’t zombies, but when you see vampires portrayed this way they get pretty close to the pop culture version of zombies.

That’s probably not surprising since it’s George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” that gave us what people think of as zombies and he was heavily influenced by Richard Matheson’s Novel “I am Legend” a novel about a world of vampires who’ve taken over the planet and one man is left alive to try to survive.

I love that story by the way. “I am Legend,” and “Night of the Living Dead,” are the two most influential stories for me. There is something I find very scary about the idea of a world filled with monsters, those around you becoming monsters, and you being one of the few people left trying to survive.

I hated the Will Smith version though. Stupid ending missed the whole point of the story. Neville becomes the legend, the vampires are afraid of him at the end of the story, damnit! Movie execs should be shot.

Go read “I am Legend” and you’ll understand why that irritates me so much.