Printing the zombie sketchbook's covers

This is my madness and it is strong

Sorry about their being no comic today,  I feel bad I haven’t missed an update in a long time.  I’ve just been working on printing zombie products after work this whole week.  It’s the reason I’m missing the update today and why I’ve been so scarce around the comments and forum lately.

It’s really weird.  I started this comic just to keep drawing, but now I feel a sense of responsibility to my readers to get the comic up when I say it’ll be up.  When I don’t do that, I feel the sadness.  Responsibility!  IT BURNS! IT BURNS!

On the plus side I promise that Monday’s comic will be so good that it will cure cancer, bring peace to the Middle East, and will reconcile all the bad blood between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston (Psst…. it won’t really do that last one, in fact it will probably give them both an itchy rash)

Anyway here’s what I’ve been doing rather than drawing like I should have been.  I’m making Zombie Sketchbooks and Zombie Bookmarks to go with them.  These aren’t books full of sketches, oh no they are literally sketchbooks to draw in.  I’ve been making them for years for myself because the one’s in the store are always the wrong size, paper sucks, too few pages, flimsy, and just plain suck.

So I make these for me and as gifts for friends and family.  I thought other people might want them or know someone who want them.  The pictures don’t do these things justice but I wanted to explain why there’s no comic today.  I’ll have them done in a few days and then I’ll happily be a corporate shill and tell you all about them till your sick of me.

Printing up some Zombie Bookmarks

Paper is for the week plastic is for the strong.