Sorry guys I’ve had to miss a few updates and won’t have a new comic to post till Wednesday.

My wife’s grandmother passed away and funeral nonsense is making it impossible for a few days to work.

It’s weird since I deal with fake dead people all the time when suddenly actual real death occurs in your life.  Well it happens to everyone I’m afraid.  Nobody gets out of this alive.

It’s okay though.  She was a sweet ninety year old lady who lead a good life.  That’s not a tragedy.  That’s just what happens.  We should all be so lucky to make it that far.

So if any of you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents with you (mine are all dead) wish them a happy life and be grateful.

See you all Wednesday.  Cheers.

P.S. It’s unlikely she’ll come back as a zombie.  And if she did it would probably be as a sweet old lady zombie… baking cookies.