Sorry guys, with all my prep work for Horrorcon 2012 I’m out of time for a comic today.

World Horrorcon 2012

Rest assured though that I’m bringing my camera and I’ll be taking as many pictures as I can for this and posting them up.

When I went to Conduit last year I got hugged by furries which I found utterly hilarious (I choose to believe it wasn’t a dude in that costume)  This year I’m hoping for hugs from goth chicks.  I will also be praying that it won’t be a dude.

Also if my wife is reading this, that is a joke, please don’t punch me.

This should be fun, and I’ll even be on  a panel about why a “Vampire is not your boyfriend.”  Little do they know I will be advocating  a zombie to be your romantic love partner.  Vampires are jerks, zombies… now that’s love.  A zombie after all is a perfectly viable choice for a boyfriend during the apocalypse.  They are loyal, they love you for your body AND your brains.  And let’s be honest, the zombie as the most relentless of the undead can not be beat in the stamina department.  Ladies, dare you say no to their cadaverous charms.

I should think not.

So if you are in the Salt Lake City area this Thursday through Sunday, stop by Horrorcon 2012 and and we can add each other to our stalking lists.  Currently my list of people that I’m stalking is reaching epic proportions, but if you show up and by my swag I’m pretty sure I can bump you higher on the list.

Imagine looking out your window and there’s a slightly pudgy and very naked man staring back at you with high powered binoculars.  That could be your new life!  Also why is he slathering himself with rich creamery butter.

It’s better if you don’t know.