Jonah Hex trailer and poster

Jimmy Hayward directed the movie, based on the comic-book series, which stars Brolin as Jonah Hex, a hideously scarred bounty hunter with supernatural abilities. John Malkovich also plays the same thing he always plays (A weird ass creepy dude with really bad hair).

Megan Fox will of course play the role of generic sexy girl who periodically says things.

Here’s the Jonah Hex trailer. I like the gatling guns!

Some controversy with fans over this movie, as it has some Supernatural and Sci-fi elements in it. Yes the crossbow that shoots dynamite is kinda stupid looking. But how else are you going to have a big Hollywood explosion.

As for the Supernatural elements… Dude, shutup! There should be supernatural elements all over the place, all the time, everywhere and in real life. I’m sick of this boring mundane world….

I want to be Harry Potter. 🙁

The movie opens June 18.